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Nye Funksjoner: 

  • [IN-514] - Photo export - Add exif description field to JPEG export and import
  • [IN-549] - Logpoints .pdf report generation
  • [IN-609] - On Files Page: Show the application used to create LandXML file
  • [IN-606] - Add local (x,y) offset to coordinate system
  • [IN-521] - Add role offerer who has read-only access to designs and no access to asbuilts or vehicles
  • [IN-272] - Direct link to file
  • [IN-560] - 3D module - make user able to set height offset that affect all models
  • [IN-572] - Fixed that 3D/Visualization page not rendering well when browser/display zoom is different than 100%
  • [IN-431] - Database structure optimizations
  • [IN-527] - Save vehicle efficiency history
  • [IN-212] - Infrakit Office - change role Foreman to include Files tab but with with read only mode
  • [IN-254] - Read-only role for files page
  • [IN-285] - Draw line models in 3D visualization page
  • [IN-329] - Files page sort by file type
  • [IN-344] - Admin pages - Edit project - list users who have access to project
  • [IN-364] - Maps page - Update image counts in folders when modifying the date filter
  • [IN-393] - Add separate icon for vehicle type simulator
  • [IN-434] - Throw Exception if coordinate conversion fails
  • [IN-463] - Images page - Add new image uploader (that map page has)
  • [IN-497] - Map page - Add option to select/load all logpoints with one click, and warning if trying to load too much
  • [IN-504] - Read LandXml PlanFeature elements
  • [IN-510] - Map page - Alignment annotation with stationing on map
  • [IN-520] - Admin page search vehicles should also search by machine id
  • [IN-525] - Admin pages - Edit project - Include button to add/remove project's users
  • [IN-541] - Logpoints panel tree view.. Show logpoint counts for models the same way as they are shown for folders.
  • [IN-544] - Files page - Possibility to move folders to the root
  • [IN-562] - Show stringline surface name in cross section
  • [IN-583] - Add super users the possibility to hide projects from organization admins
  • [IN-585] - Remove old maps page
  • [IN-589] - Read header values when parsing csv files
  • [IN-608] - Use LandXml boundaries instead of recalculating the boundaries again
  • [IN-611] - Coordinate conversion test should work with the currently selected coordinate system instead of the one that the project is using